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Overall Goals

Researchers in the Heart Rhythm Research Laboratory at Oregon Health & Science University are working to enhance the understanding of mechanisms of sudden cardiac arrest in the community. Despite current advances, the rate of successful resuscitation from sudden cardiac arrest remains low. Our group is searching for novel determinants of this condition that will facilitate the identification of subjects at risk, with the overall goal of improving prevention of sudden cardiac arrest.

The Heart Rhythm Research Laboratory is involved in a variety of ongoing studies at OHSU as well as several national and international collaborative efforts.


The Oregon Sudden Unexplained Death Study (Ore-SUDS)

The Oregon Cardiac Arrest Survivor network (ORCAS-net)

The Sudden Death in Scandinavian Twins Collaborative Group

Gene Profiling in the Rat Myocardial Infarction Model

The Reynolds Clinical Cardiovascular Center at Johns Hopkins

The JE Edwards Registry Archive of Sudden Cardiac Death

The OHSU Implantable Defibrillator Database


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